Agarest – Generations of War

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Cheat Codes:

Easy experience and gold :
After you defeat the Jumbo Cock Boss in the Cave of Origin during Generation 1, you
can go back down into the Boss room in the dungeon and encounter the Boss again
during random battle If your party is still somewhat weak, then this can be a
challenge because he can also spawn with as many as eight other monster The rewards
as far as experience, gold, TP, and EP really stack up as you are able to win the
battle faste Save the game after each fight so you do not lose your levels, since
this battle can go bad very quickl Also, this is the only room you can find Mandrakes
also which is required for the Cave of Origins Title located at the Adventurer Hall,
the requirement of which is to kill fifteen of each monster in the dungeo

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophie

The More The Merrier (Bronze) – Execute a coordinated attack with six character
Alchemical Aptitude (Bronze) – You have added an item to the sho
Keep doing alchemy to add mor
Can We Keep Him, (Bronze) – Captured a monste
I’ve Created a Monster! (Bronze) – Combined monster
We Can Rebuild Them (Bronze) – Created three marionette.
Special Delivery (Bronze) – Used your first Special Ar
Well-Read (Bronze) – Every profile is not availabl
I’ve Seen Everything (Bronze) – Every item in the gallery is now availabl
The First (Silver) – Cleared Generation
The Second (Silver) – Cleared Generation
The Third (Silver) – Cleared Generation
The Fourth (Silver) – Cleared Generation
The Fifth (Silver) – Cleared Generation
For Real This Time (Gold) – Saw the true endin
Titular (Gold) – Earned every titl

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