• America – No Peace Beyond The Line

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    America – No Peace Beyond The Line

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: long john

    Cheat mode:
    Enter one of the following codes.

    Result Code
    More firepower – gimmemorefirepower
    1000 gold – goldinmypockets
    1000 food – iwantfastfood
    1000 wood – woodisverygood
    5000 food,wood,gold; 100 guns,horses – icangeteverything
    10 Horses – horsesarecrazy
    Level skip – icanwineverythingnow
    Billy the Kid – iwantareallybadguy
    Gall – iwantareallystrongher
    Davey Crocket – iwantanamericanhero
    10 Horses – horsesarecrazy
    Enable AI – cpuon
    Disable AI – cpuoff

    Bank bug:
    NOTE: This bug may not work if patches are installed. Ordinarily,
    the game will only allow American settlers to build 5 banks.
    However, if you build and finish up to 4 banks and begin building
    more without finishing them, you can choose to finish them later
    on. You can exploit this bug to build as many banks as you want.

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