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    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: nison
    Submitted by: RM

    – Pause the game for 2 straight minutes. Take a bathroom break.
    – Change the music 5 times.
    – Get an EXACT score of 777.
    – Get killed by a biter at the edge of the screen.
    – Don’t swing your sword for 30 seconds.
    – Scare a clutter off the screen.
    – Kill something while blinded by an Inkie.
    – Knock a sharp of the screen with your sword.
    – Kill a monster by reflecting a sharp at the monster.
    – Shave off 1 fuzzle’s fur off 3 times. Not 2, but 1.
    – Defuse 10 of a torchies little fire tracks.
    – Deflect 5 of a Queen’s attacks. What is a Queen you say?
    – Get 10 consecutive combos. Not that hard. Just wait for your chances.
    – Defeat 4 different kinds of glooples in one swing.
    – Beat a whole nest wtihout getting touched ONCE.
    That also includes sticky stuff and ink.
    – Beat a nest with a clutter baby stuck to you.
    – This row is kinda the same, except it involves injuries.
    – Get hit by an inkie and survive after the blindness.
    – Get hit by a frostie and survive the after effect of ice.
    Just like clutters, shake off the ice.
    – Survive a massive explosion. Torchies will do the trick.
    – Survive a fire.
    – Get bumped 30 times.
    – Get completely covered in clutters.
    Note: this is useful for getting combos.
    – Spend a minute in sticky goo.
    – Swing your sword against something hard 50 times.

    – SPRINT: Makes you run faster.
    – GRENADE: YA! You know what this does.
    I suggest getting this second.
    – LURE: Lures enemies towards this device.
    – INHIBITOR: Makes spawn limit decrease.
    – HAZARD SUIT: Protects you from fire, acid, ice, ink, and goo
    for a short time.
    – SAW DRONE: Basically a homing helicopter. Doesn’t last very long,
    but is fast and useful.
    – INSTANT WALL: Creates a wall…ya, sounds dumb, but is very useful
    for blocking physical attacks.
    – REPULSOR: Pushes enemies away from the device…Obviously, you stay
    inside the force field.
    – BOX GUN: Can fire 30 bullets at enemies.
    – TELEPORTER: …you know what this does too.
    – REACTIVE ARMOR: This is basically like an extra life. GET THIS FIRST!
    Its left of the black lock.
    – RAZOR GLAIVE: Dun Dun Duuuuuun. A very powerful sword, ko’s almost
    anything in one hit!-

    Enemies and how to Kill:
    – Gloople: Doesn’t hurt you at all, kill them if nothing else is there
    to bother you.
    – Stikie: Once popped, it’ll release sticky goo. Try not to bump it.
    – Biter: Fast and annoying. Either attack it head on, or move out of
    the way and then strike.
    – Meltie: Once popped, it’ll release acid. Destroy it, and run, lol.
    – Sharp: Turns into a spicky ball. To beat it, either knock it off the
    screen or go behind it and swing at it when it retreats its spikes.
    – Clutter: Reproduces if babies latch on to you. Shake them off by rotating
    the mouse around your guy. To beat them easy, chase them off the screen or
    strike them right when they release a baby. You get more points if you swat
    a baby an an adult.
    – Inkie: Fast blob that can blind you if it hits you. Once popped, it releases
    ink that you can slip on. Get rid of these head on (apply directly to the
    forhead, lol) and FAST.
    – Grinder. They roll over you, the end. To beat it, either explode it, move
    it in acid, or make it clash with another grinder. Then, swat at it 5 times.
    – Fuzzle: Much like a Biter. Hit it three times, just beat it like a Biter.
    – Oozle: Combination of 2 glooples. It follows you slowly. Go behind it and
    swat at it 3 times.
    – Torchie: Leaves behind fire tracks, lights ink puttles on fire, and can burn
    things it touches. DON’T KILL IT WHEN ITS ON FIRE! YOU’LL BLOW UP! Instead
    wait for it to cool down or drag it into a sticky puddle, then strike.
    – Frostie: Very fast and can freeze things that it touches. I would just drag
    it off the screen. Then again, its more fun to kill it and shake yourself
    out of the ice before you get killed.
    – Gray: Combination of a gloople and a Oozle. It can harden if danger strikes
    it. Easy to beat, really. Get away from it, but make it face you. When it
    uses it’s dagger thingy attack, slice its body and repeat 2 more times.
    – Amalgam: Can obsorbe other glooples and grow bigger. Once big, it can multiply.
    The bigger it is, the slower it goes. Lol, I made it so big once that it moved
    backwards XD! Simple. Blow it up with a grenade. If you want an award though,
    defeat it like an oozle. Beware the babies, kill them.
    – Horror: Combination of 2 biters. Tough to beat… Just avoid it and wait for
    it to release 4 spiky boomerang things, then strike the core. Beware, it can
    create more biters with the teeth attack.
    – Void eater: Combination of a gloople and a gray. Head for the hills! Don’t go
    near it, or you will be obliterated. Try only to attack in when its about to
    fire its deminshinal rip beam.
    – Queen: Leader of the glooples. Has sharp claws that can tear you in half or
    rip your head off. Can easily be beat with a Razor Glaive, simply strike at
    the farthest spot that is strikable. If you have the normal sword, just try to
    hit it RIGHT when it strikes you. Beware it can regenerate if a bug is inside
    another gloople.

    Razor Queen:
    This thing is BIG. It has many attacks, but there is one that leaves it out for
    an attack. Its where it charges at you. Step to the side and swat it, then run.

    – If you want the 8 combo swing, have A LOT of clutters stick to you, then shake
    them off, followed by an immediate swing. You should get the Unbelievible Swing
    – If you want to kill a Grinder, make it clash with another one, attack it with the
    good sword, OR soke it in acid, then hit it five times. If you have the good
    sword, hit it 2 times. Including the large bounty earned by killing it (100), try
    killing it with 2 other enemies. You’ll get the 300 bounty award and any bounty
    award lower than that.

    1. Red
    – Splatter 2 glooples forming together before they move to an advanced form.
    – Clear single nests of each size – Small, Big, Huge.
    – Score 100, 200, 350, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 points before dying.

    2. Yellow
    – Splatter 2 to 8 glooples in one swing using baby clutters.
    – Get killed 10, 25, 50, 100 times.
    – Survive for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 minutes in bounty mode before getting splattered.

    3. Teal
    – Play practice mode for 10 minutes.
    – Get killed in 5, 10, 15 different ways.

    4. Green
    – Score 20 to 300 points in one swing.
    – Play the game for 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes.

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