• Anomaly – Warzone Earth

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    Cheat Codes:

    Steam achievements:
    Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen To
    view your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then „My
    profile”, then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

    Achievement Description
    A Bridge Too Far : Complete Tokyo rai
    Army Nurse : Use one Repair ability to fix 400 damag
    As it Comes: Complete mission 7 without a single unit upgrade in Advanced difficulty mod
    Avenger : Destroy 5000 tower
    Baghdad Saviour : Complete Baghdad chapter of Story Mod
    Blinded Enemy : Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 unit
    Blink Of An Eye : Complete mission 6 while beating timed part in less than 190 seconds in Advanced difficulty mod
    Charge Champ : Complete mission 1 having 7 Repair ability charges in Advanced difficulty mod
    Charge Master : Complete mission 5 having 20 ability charges in Advanced difficulty mod
    Death From Above : Use one Airstrike ability to kill 4 tower
    Diversity Is Fun : Complete a mission with squad composed of 6 different
    Down But Not Out : Complete mission 13 while letting at least 7 artillery strikes hit your squad in Advanced difficulty mod
    Earth Saviour : Complete story mod
    Eureka : Protect deployed Decoy with Smoke Scree
    First Blood: Destroy 10 tower
    Fists of Stone : Earn 5 gold Ruthlessness medal
    Foot Soldier : Complete mission 10 without using Air Strike ability in Advanced difficulty mod
    Gold Standard : Earn a gold meda
    Lightning Strike : Earn 10 gold Directness medal
    Little Collector : Collect 20 abilitie
    Mayhem Unleashed : Complete baghdad mayhe
    Millionaire: Earn $500
    Multitasker: Use 4 different abilities simultaneousl
    On Fire : Complete mission 3 while moving your squad in front each Scorcher in Advanced difficulty mod
    Pimp Your Squad : Fully upgrade a uni
    Provident : Earn 10 gold Efficiency medal
    Repairman : Repair 5 unit
    Standing Tall : Complete mission 9 without Hero getting knocked down
    in Advanced difficulty mod
    Survivalist: Complete a mission without using Repair abilit
    Tokyo Saviour : Complete Tokyo chapter of Story Mod
    Tower Buster : Complete mission 2 with every tower killed in Advanced
    difficulty mod
    Towerbane : Destroy every tower type 10 times eac
    Unscathed : Complete mission 8 with transporter not being hit in
    Advanced difficulty mod
    War Hero : Earn every gold medal during Story Mod
    What You See : Complete mission 4 without using Decoy ability in Advanced difficulty mod

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