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    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Subjects Secret:
    The Truth
    Find all 10 Rifts and solve all Cluster puzzles, which can be found in the secret
    area of Animus.

    Discovering the shrines:
    Submitted by: Saidul

    Note. Every Romulus shrine is marked on the map with a Wolf Icon.

    Undertaker 2.0 Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma
    Location. Antico District in front of Piramide Cestia. Loot the Scroll of Romulus and exit.

    Gladiator Shrine in Il Colosseo.
    Go to the Colloseum to find the entrance. Once in, you fight a small group of enemies then follow
    a guy. Once the guy is dead you will fight another group of enemies. See them off, loot and
    leave to get the achievement/trophy.

    Plumber Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima
    Find the entrance, which is tricky, refer to video for help. Then follow the 3 leaders of
    Romulus and kill anyone who gets in your way. At the end you will fight couple groups of enemies
    along with the final leader to get the scroll.

    Amen Shrine in the Basillica di San Pietro
    Chase the target and kill him.

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