Apple Defender

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Apple Defender

Get to level 50:
Submitted by: Sark Thomas

Just follow these steps

1.Build a machine gun at the exit nothing else.

2.Build a second machine gun when you have the money and also build
a healing weapon.

3.Turn both machine guns to gatling guns and start building a third
gatling gun.

4.When you have built at least 13 of these (make sure they are blocking
the exit) start building chain lightnings more apple trees and healing
weapons built near or as close as possible to the exit.

5.I lost at level 50 because they get 100000 hp there so save some money
and then build tons of nuclear barrels to kill them do not worry but
your armada will lose at least 20 weapons. Thank you for listening.

Play at score screen:
Submitted by: zachattack921

Start a game and let the worms get the apple. when they come to the exit press
esc right when you loose put your cursur out of the screen then typein 10 to 13
letters and you will here a sound move it backin to the screen and you will have
a tower.

Kody do gier

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