The Culling Of The Cows

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Cheat Codes:

When you start the game, press „Shift” + „K” to bring up the consol All
codes need to be enter in lowercase and be aware that the game is still
running when you enter the code/

Code Effect
give a hobo a buck – +1 dolla
bomb run – Calls a B2 strik
chopper run – Calls a chopper attac
barn saw – Door sa
give ammo – Fills amm
fire line – Fire Wal
ammo birdshot – Gives birdshot amm
ammo buckshot – Gives buckshot amm
ammo explosive – Gives explosive amm
ammo slug – Gives slugs amm
1000 rounds – Infinite amm
cant touch this – Invincibilit
laser aim – Laser sight on gu
billy the old man – Maximise all upgrade
max mag – Maximise ammo capacit
fast fingers – Maximise rate of fir
speed loader – Maximise reload spee
meteor shower – Meteor showe
drop nuke – Nuclear strik
varo is the devil – Play as Var
barn mg – Sentry gu
slow time – Slow down tim
farmer fast – Speed boost for farme
give supply drop – Supply dro
give me the world – Unlocks all level

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the
game hub that corresponds to [The Culling Of The Cows Select the „View
Stats” drop down option, then choose the option for your username’s

Achievement How to unlock
Buckshot – Spread E
Explosive Rounds – Blow Em U
Gun Upgrade – Gun Modde
Holy Assistance – Help From Abov
Kill The Nazi Ufo – Down With Nazi UFO
Slug – Slug It Ou
Take It’s Head Off – Off With Their Head
Tutorial Complete – Now the slaughter can begi

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