Aruru To Asobo

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Aruru To Asobo

Witsuarunemitea Senki: Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Witsuarunemitea Senki
to unlock the character.
Note: This may only be done with newer patches of the game.

Degukaba – Complete Zone I.
Dii – Complete H-Zone as Urutori.
Kanhordari – Defeat Kanhordari in any 3-Zone stage as Dii.
Mitsumi-chan – Complete the game as Degukaba.
Mutsumi – Complete G-Zone as Kamyu.
Niwe – Complete F-Zone as Hakuoro.
Nuwangi – Complete B-Zone as Eruru.
Origagan – Defeat Origagan in any 2-Zone stage as Touka.
Sasante – Complete C-Zone as Nuwangi.
Suonkas – Complete D-Zone as Karura.
Yuzuha – Complete Zone-J.

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