Bad Rats

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Bad Rats

Achievements (Steam):
Complete each requirement to get the achievements.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bad Bad Rat – Forty maps solved.
Bad Rat Junior – Solved ten maps.
Bad Rats’ King – Completed all levels.
Economic Bad Rat – Completed five maps using less objects than planned.
Extra Economic Bad Rat – Finished ten maps using less objects than the plan.
Fast Thinker – Solved five maps with less than one minute.
Genius Economic Bad Rat – OHH! Fifteen maps completed using less objects than
Master Super Fast Thinker – Uou! Solved fifteen maps in less than one minute.
One Click One Death – Finished 10 maps in the first try.
One Single Rat Move – Completed two maps using one single object.
Serious Bad Rat – Thirty maps solved.
Super Fast Thinker – Solved ten maps with less than one minute.
Very Bad Rat – Solved twenty maps.

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