Baldurs Gate

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Baldur’s Gate

Cheat Codes:
Edit baldur.ini, and add the line Cheats=1 under [Game Options].
Then save the file, and run the game. Once in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab
to bring up the console in which you type the cheats (Ctrl-Tab also
closes this console). The list of cheats (all followed by Enter) are
(type in exactly as shown below):

Code Effect
Cheats:DrizztAttacks(); – creates a hostile Drizzt
Cheats:DrizztDefends(); – creates a friendly Drizzt
Cheats:Midas(); – gives you 500 gold
Cheats:CowKill(); – creates a CowKill spell (very cool)
Cheats:CriticalItems(); – spawns all the game critical items
Cheats:FirstAid(); – creates 5 healing potions,
5 neutralize poison potions,
1 stone to flesh scroll
Cheats:Hans(); – if you get stuck somehow moves your
characters to a free adjacent area
Cheats:ExploreArea(); – marks entire area explored
(like Clairvoyance spell)
Cheats:TheGreatGonzo(); – summons 10 killer chickens who defend
you at all cost
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(Merlin) – Summon Merlin, mage with all 6th
level spells
CLUAConsole:CreateItem([item name]) – Create selected item from following list
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature([six letter name]) – Spawn selected creature or NPC as
in the following examples
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP([0-89000]) – Set experience points of all party
members to indicated value
CLUAConsole:AddGold([number]) – Gain indicated amount of gold;
the number must not be too large
CLUAConsole:AddSpell([spell tag]) – Add spells a character
CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() – Enable cheat keys from following list

Cheat key list:
Press one of the following keys after enabling the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() code.

Effect Keys
{Ctrl} + 1 – Change armor of paper doll
{Ctrl} + 2 – Fade screen to black
{Ctrl} + 3 – Fade screen normally
{Ctrl} + 4 – Highlight the background with interactive objects
{Ctrl} + 6 – Shapeshift your character in previous paper doll
{Ctrl} + 7 – Shapeshift your character in next paper doll
{Ctrl} + 8 – Highlight text boxes
{Ctrl} + 9 – Highlight sprites
{Ctrl} + A – Sprite animation
{Ctrl} + B – View last FMV sequence
{Ctrl} + C – Advance to next chapter
{Ctrl} + F – Turn to character
{Ctrl} + J – Jump to pointer
{Ctrl} + L – Display coordinates
{Ctrl} + R – Heal character at pointer
{Ctrl} + S – Select sprite animation
{Ctrl} + X – Information on position
{Ctrl} + Y – Kill character at cursor
{Ctrl} + D – Display debug data

Hex Cheat mode:
Edit FILE: baldur.gam in the save game folder.

(although you can go above 18, it’s really not worth it, all listed are suggested
limits, some race/class can be 19)

STR – 044C,044D change to 12,63
DEX – 044E change to 12
CON – 044F change to 12
INT – 0450 change to 12
WIS – 0451 change to 12
CHA – 0452 change to 12
(For a 19 stat, change the 12 to 13 *duh*)

(does have a limit, but 65K is good for now) 0018,0019 change to FF,FF for 65K gold

(Must be reset after each level gained since the program rechecks your stats)
Change all in – 0268 to 026C – to 13
(it doesn’t like a natural 20 but you can put in 14 if you like)

Here is an explanation as to how to derive the exact number you want.

1) Convert your desired experience to HEX don’t forget that your desired
number will be divided by the number of classes you have!
2) we’ll use the 89K max limit for this example. 89000 converts to
HEX 015BA8. You then reverse the digits for putting into the
file. 015BA8 now becomes A85B01.
3) change offsets 022C to A8, 022D to 5B, 022E to 01

Secrets list
* Ring of Protection *
1 map directly south of friendly arm

* Ring of Fire Resistance & Iol Gem & Star Sapphire *
Area directly East of the Nashkel Mines Overland Map
X=1955 y=2372

* Ring of Wizardy *
map of friendly arm

* Ankheg Plate Armor *
x=187, y=2747 AR4800 (Nashkel)
It’s on the farmer’s land, far east, under a tree near the edge.

* Wand of frost *
On the Nashkel mines map
Co-ords X= 169, Y=177
NW corner in a dead tree

* Scrolls of Cloudkill & Chromatic Orb *
Area directly West of Nashkel Mines Overland Map
X=1793 Y=414

The Ankhegs infest the area north of the Friendly Arms Inn. There is a huge
ankheg hole in the ground to the mid left of the screen.
Inside, there is a visible ankheg horde, 4 caves to the right: Brun’s dead
son, Chainmail+1, Potion of Magic Protection, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 5
Darts of Stunning, 5 Darts of Wounding, Ghost Armor Spell, Dire Charm
Spell, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Antidote.

Bracers AC 7 at the Baldurs Gate bridge, follow the river north to the house
and speak to the BitchQueens priestess. Flail +1 from the farmers for killing
the BitchQueen’s priestess. They are outside the large house to the far far
left of the map just north of the Friendly Arms Inn.

Hidden scrolls: West of Nashkul mines; x1793, y414

* Tomes *
Constitution – In cave of Sirines on Lighthouse map
Strength/Wisdom – In Caverns under Castlekeep
Wisdom – From Temple in BG
Dex – In thieves guild in BG
Int – At top of Razamith’s tower in BG
charisma – caves near the Gnoll fortress

Tips: Easy Level Gain and Money
When starting the game in the Town of Candlekeep do all the Quests (errands
for guards, and other characters). That means anything that gives experience.
Once you have done this go to the Character Screen and export your character.

End the game and start a new game and import character. This allows you to
start the game with the amount of experience that you had gained. Repeat until

Easy Money
Put potions in all of your quick item slots. Switch to the inventory screen and
replace the rightmost potion with a gem. Now return to the adventure screen.
Notice the picture of the potion you replaced with a gem still looks like a
potion. Click it multiple times and return to the iventory screen. The number
of gems should change from 1 to no number at all. Switch back to adventure
screen and repeat the process. now you should have 65,000 gems.

Object Duplication
Export the character that has the object(s) you wish to duplicate, export said
character to a vacant slot. Then, when in a game, import that character to get
the items in his/her inventory. The same character can be imported multiple
times to the same party.

Tip 1
When you remove characters from your party, they tend to stay where you left
them. If you want to change your party and add that extra cleric temporarily,
you can always dump him later and return for the fighter you left behind.

Tip 2
Some of the boss characters are a real pain to handle once combat begins.
They start casting spells and hold, charm, or terrorize your party members
so you are much less effective. If you run into particularly nasty characters
who don’t attack until having a conversation with you, try attacking them
before they start talking. If you weaken them before combat, they are much
easier to handle.

After editing the Baldur.ini file in the Bgate directory, (as was done for
the other cheats), you can use the following codes:

where xxx is the code for an item, see below

where yyy is the name of a creature or NPC
ie: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(Ray) will create a gibberling
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(Khalid) will create Khalid
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(Noober) will create the best NPC in the game ;)

The name you enter is limited to 6 characters, so some
names are different, as in Jaheira would have to be entered
as blah:(Jaheir)

Set the current Experience points for all party members to 8900

Item List
AMUL01 – Necklace of Missiles
AMUL02 – Necklace
AMUL04 – Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
AMUL05 – Bluestone Necklace
AMUL06 – Agni Mani Necklace
AMUL07 – Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
AMUL08 – Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
AMUL09 – Silver Necklace
AMUL10 – Gold Necklace
AMUL11 – Pearl Necklace
AMUL12 – Laeral’s Tear Necklace (3000 gp)
AMUL13 – Bloodstone Amulet
AMUL14 – Amulet of Protection +1
AMUL15 – Shield Amulet
AMUL16 – Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell)

AROW01 – Arrow
AROW02 – Arrow +1
AROW03 – Arrow of Slaying
AROW04 – Acid Arrow
AROW05 – Arrow of Biting
AROW06 – Arrow of Detonation
AROW07 – Arrow or Dispelling
AROW08 – Arrow of Fire
AROW09 – Arrow of Ice
AROW10 – Arrow of Piercing
AROW11 – Arrow +2
AROW1A – Arrow +2 (different graphic)

AX1H01 – Battle Axe
AX1H02 – Battle Axe +1
AX1H03 – Battle Axe +2
AX1H04 – Throwing Axe
AX1H05 – Throwing Axe +2

BELT01 – Girdle
BELT02 – Golden Girdle
BELT03 – Girdle of Bluntness
BELT04 – Girdle of Piercing
BELT05 – Girdle of Sex Change

BLUN01 – Club
BLUN02 – Flail
BLUN03 – Flail +1
BLUN04 – Mace
BLUN05 – Mace +1
BLUN06 – Morning Star
BLUN07 – Morning Star +1

BOLT01 – Bolt
BOLT02 – Bolt +1
BOLT03 – Bolt of Lightning
BOLT04 – Bolt of Biting
BOLT05 – Bolt of Polymorphing
BOLT06 – Bolt +2

BOOK01 – Magical Book
BOOK02 – Spell Book
BOOK03 – +1 con
BOOK04 – +1 str
BOOK05 – +1 dex
BOOK06 – +1 int
BOOK07 – +1 chr
BOOK08 – +1 wis
BOOK09 – Normal Book

BOOT01 – Boots of Speed
BOOT02 – Boots of Stealth
BOOT03 – Boots of the North
BOOT04 – Boots of Avoidance
BOOT05 – Boots of Grounding

BOW01 – Composite Long Bow
BOW02 – Composite Long Bow +1
BOW03 – Long Bow
BOW04 – Long Bow +1
BOW05 – Short Bow
BOW06 – Short Bow +1
BOW07 – Long Bow of Marksmanship
BOW08 – Eagle Bow

BRAC01 – Bracers of Defense AC 8
BRAC02 – Bracers of Defense AC 7
BRAC03 – Bracers of Defense AC 6
BRAC04 – Bracers of Archery
BRAC05 – Bracers
BRAC06 – Gauntlets of Ogre Power
BRAC07 – Gauntlets of Dexterity
BRAC08 – Gauntlets of Fumbling
BRAC09 – Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
BRAC10 – Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise

BULL01 – Bullet
BULL02 – Bullet +1
BULL03 – Bullet +2

CHAN01 – Chainmail
CHAN02 – Chainmail +1
CHAN03 – Chainmail +2
CHAN04 – Splint Mail
CHAN05 – Splint Mail +1
CHAN06 – Mithril Chain Mail +4

CLCK01 – Cloak of Protection +1
CLCK02 – Cloak of Protection +2
CLCK03 – Cloak of Displacement
CLCK04 – Cloak of the Wolf
CLCK05 – Cloak of Balduran
CLCK06 – Cloak of Non-Detection
CLCK07 – Nymph Cloak

DAGG01 – Dagger
DAGG02 – Dagger +1
DAGG03 – Dagger +2
DAGG04 – Dagger +2, Longtooth
DAGG05 – Throwing Dagger

DART01 – Dart
DART02 – Dart +1
DART03 – Dart of Stunning
DART04 – Dart of Wounding

HALB01 – Halberd
HALB02 – Halberd +1
HALB03 – Halberd +2

HAMM01 – War Hammer
HAMM02 – War Hammer +1
HAMM03 – War hammer +2

HELM01 – Helmet
HELM02 – Helm of Opposite Alignment
HELM03 – Helm of Glory
HELM04 – Helm of Defense
HELM05 – Helm of Infravision
HELM06 – Helm of Charm Protection
HELM07 – Helm of Balduran

LEAT01 – Leather Armor
LEAT02 – Leather Armor +1
LEAT03 – Leather Armor +2
LEAT04 – Studded Leather Armor
LEAT05 – Studded Leather Armor +1
LEAT06 – Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction
LEAT07 – Studded Leather Armor +2
LEAT08 – Shadow Armor

MISC01 – Winter Wolf Pelt
MISC07 – Gold Piece
MISC12 – Ankheg Shell
MISC13 – Samuel (body)
MISC16 – Fire Agate Gem
MISC17 – Lynx Eye Gem
MISC18 – Sunstone Gem
MISC19 – Turquoise Gem
MISC20 – Bloodstone Gem
MISC21 – Skydrop Gem
MISC22 – Andar Gem
MISC23 – Jasper Gem
MISC24 – Tchazar Gem
MISC25 – Zircon Gem
MISC26 – Iol Gem
MISC27 – Moonstone Gem
MISC28 – Waterstar Gem
MISC29 – Ziose Gem
MISC30 – Chrysoberyl Gem
MISC31 – Star Diopside Gem
MISC32 – Shandon Gem
MISC33 – Aquamarine Gem
MISC34 – Garnet Gem
MISC35 – Horn Coral Gem
MISC36 – Pearl
MISC37 – Sphene Gem
MISC38 – Black Opal
MISC39 – Water Opal
MISC40 – Moonbar Gem
MISC41 – Star Saphire(sic)
MISC42 – Diamond
MISC43 – Emerald
MISC44 – Kings Tears
MISC45 – Rogue Stone
MISC47 – Golden Pantaloons
MISC48 – Idol
MISC49 – Melicamp the Chicken
MISC50 – Skull
MISC51 – Lock of Nymph’s Hair
MISC52 – Wyvern Head
MISC53 – Bowl of Water Elemental Control
MISC54 – Child’s Body
MISC55 – Duke Eltan’s Body
MISC56 – Broken Weapon
MISC57 – Broken Shield
MISC58 – Broken Armor
MISC59 – Broken Miscellaneous
MISC60 – Spider Body
MISC61 – Bottle of Wine
MISC62 – Dead Cat
MISC63 – Chew Toy
MISC64 – Telescope
MISC69 – Helshara’s Artifact Fragment
MISC70 – Delorna’s Statue
MISC72 – The Claw of Kazgaroth
MISC73 – The Horn of Kazgaroth
MISC74 – The Candle
MISC79 – Female Body
MISC80 – Male Body
MISC83 – Key to River Plug
MISC85 – Mulahey’s Holy Symbol
MISC86 – Bandit Scalp
MISC87 – Contaminated Iron
MISC88 – Rabbit’s Foot

PLAT01 – Plate Mail Armor
PLAT02 – Plate Mail +1
PLAT04 – Full Plate Mail
PLAT05 – Full Plate Mail +1
PLAT06 – Ankheg Plate Mail

POTN02 – Potion of Fire Resistance
POTN03 – Potion of Hill Giant Strength
POTN04 – Potion of Frost Giant Strength
POTN05 – Potion of Fire Giant Strength
POTN06 – Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
POTN07 – Potion of Storm Giant Strength
POTN08 – Potion of Healing
POTN09 – Potion of Heroism
POTN10 – Potion of Invisibility
POTN11 – Potion of Invulnerability
POTN12 – Potion of Stone Giant Strength
POTN13 – Oil of Firey Burning
POTN14 – Oil of Speed
POTN15 – Red Potion
POTN16 – Violet Potion
POTN17 – Elixir of Health
POTN18 – Potion of Absorption
POTN19 – Potion of Agility
POTN20 – Antidote
POTN21 – Potion of Clarity
POTN22 – Potion of Cold Resistance
POTN23 – Oil of Speed
POTN24 – Potion of Defense
POTN25 – Potion of Healing
POTN26 – Potion of Explosions
POTN27 – Potion of Firebreath
POTN28 – Potion of Fortitude
POTN29 – Potion of Genius
POTN30 – Potion of Infravision
POTN31 – Potion of Insulation
POTN32 – Antidote
POTN33 – Potion of Magic Blocking
POTN34 – Potion of Magic Protection
POTN35 – Potion of Magic Shielding
POTN36 – Potion of Master Thievery
POTN37 – Potion of Mind Focusing
POTN38 – Potion of Mirrored Eyes
POTN39 – Potion of Perception
POTN40 – Potion of Invulnerability
POTN41 – Potion of Power
POTN42 – Potion of Regeneration
POTN43 – Potion of Insight
POTN44 – Potion of Strength
POTN45 – Potion of Freedom
POTN46 – Potion of Stone Form

RING01 – Ring
RING02 – Ring of Fire Resistance
RING03 – Ring of Animal Friendship
RING04 – Ring of Clumsiness
RING05 – Ring of Invisibility
RING06 – Ring of Protection +1
RING07 – Ring of Protection +2
RING08 – Ring of Wizardry
RING09 – Ring of Free Action
RING10 – Gold Ring
RING11 – Silver Ring
RING12 – Onyx Ring
RING13 – Jade Ring
RING14 – Greenstone Ring
RING15 – Bloodstone Ring
RING16 – Angel Skin Ring
RING17 – Flamedance Ring
RING18 – Fire Opal Ring
RING19 – Ruby Ring
RING20 – Ring of Energy
RING21 – Ring of Infravision
RING22 – Ring of Holiness
RING23 – Ring of Folly

SCRL02 – Spell Scroll
SCRL03 – Protection from Acid
SCRL04 – Protection from Cold
SCRL05 – Protection from Electricity
SCRL06 – Protection from Fire
SCRL07 – Protection from Magic
SCRL08 – Protection from Poison
SCRL09 – Protection from Undead
SCRL10 – Cursed Scroll of Weakness
SCRL15 – Protection from Petrification
SCRL18 – Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
SCRL1B – Agannazar’s Scorcher
SCRL1C – Ghoul Touch
SCRL1D – Clairvoyance
SCRL1E – Dispel Magic
SCRL1F – Flame Arrow
SCRL1G – Fireball
SCRL1H – Haste
SCRL1I – Hold Person
SCRL1K – Lightning Bolt
SCRL1L – Monster Summoning I
SCRL1M – Non-Detection
SCRL1N – Protection from Normal Missiles
SCRL1O – Slow
SCRL1P – Skull Trap
SCRL1Q – Vampiric Touch
SCRL1R – Wraith Form
SCRL1S – Dire Charm
SCRL1T – Ghost Armor
SCRL1U – Confusion
SCRL1V – Dimension Door
SCRL1Y – Improved Invisibility
SCRL1Z – Minor Globe of Invulnerability
SCRL2A – Monster Summoning II
SCRL2D – Animate Dead
SCRL2E – Cloudkill
SCRL2F – Cone of Cold
SCRL2G – Monster Summoning III
SCRL2H – Shadow Door
SCRL2I – Letter
SCRL2J – Letter
SCRL3D – Letter
SCRL56 – Cure Serious Wounds
SCRL58 – Free Action
SCRL59 – Neutralize Poison
SCRL61 – Cure Critical Wounds
SCRL62 – Flame Strike
SCRL63 – Raise Dead
SCRL66 – Grease
SCRL67 – Armor
SCRL68 – Burning Hands
SCRL69 – Charm Person
SCRL70 – Color Spray
SCRL71 – Blindness
SCRL72 – Friends
SCRL73 – Protection from Petrification
SCRL75 – Identify
SCRL76 – Infravision
SCRL77 – Magic Missile
SCRL78 – Protection from Evil
SCRL79 – Shield
SCRL80 – Shocking Grasp
SCRL81 – Sleep
SCRL82 – Chill Touch
SCRL83 – Chromatic Orb
SCRL84 – Larloch’s Minor Drain
SCRL85 – Blur
SCRL86 – Detect Evil
SCRL87 – Detect Invisibility
SCRL89 – Horror
SCRL90 – Invisibility
SCRL91 – Knock
SCRL92 – Know Alignment
SCRL93 – Luck
SCRL94 – Resist Fear
SCRL95 – Melf’s Acid Arrow
SCRL96 – Mirror Image
SCRL97 – Stinking Cloud
SCRL98 – Strength
SCRL99 – Web

SHLD01 – Small Shield
SHLD02 – Small Shield +1
SHLD03 – Medium Shield
SHLD04 – Medium Shield +1
SHLD05 – Large Shield
SHLD06 – Large Shield +1
SHLD07 – Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
SHLD08 – Buckler
SHLD09 – Buckler
SHLD10 – Buckler
SHLD11 – Small Shield
SHLD12 – Small Shield
SHLD13 – Medium Shield
SHLD14 – Medium Shield
SHLD15 – Large Shield
SHLD16 – Large Shield

SLNG01 – Sling
SLNG02 – Sling +1

SPER01 – Spear
SPER02 – Spear +1
SPER03 – Spear +3, Backbiter

STAF01 – Quarterstaff
STAF02 – Quarterstaff +1

SW1H01 – Bastard Sword
SW1H02 – Bastard Sword +1
SW1H03 – Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters
SW1H04 – Long Sword
SW1H05 – Long Sword +1
SW1H06 – Long Sword +2
SW1H07 – Short Sword
SW1H08 – Short Sword +1
SW1H09 – Short Sword +2
SW1H10 – Short Sword of Backstabbing
SW1H13 – Moonblade
SW1H15 – Scimitar +3, Frostbrand

SW2H01 – Two Handed Sword
SW2H02 – Two Handed Sword +1
SW2H03 – Two Handed Sword, Berserking
SW2H06 – Spider’s Bane

WAND02 – Wand of Fear
WAND03 – Wand of Magic Missiles
WAND04 – Wand of Paralyzation
WAND05 – Wand of Fire
WAND06 – Wand of Frost
WAND07 – Wand of Lightning
WAND08 – Wand of Sleep
WAND09 – Wand of Polymorphing
WAND10 – Wand of Monster Summoning
WAND11 – Wand of the Heavens

XBOW01 – Heavy Crossbow
XBOW02 – Heavy Crossbow +1
XBOW03 – Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
XBOW04 – Light Crossbow
XBOW05 – Light Crossbow +1
XBOW06 – Light Crossbow of Speed

Submitted by: beb

If you want easy money,get many(20) winterwolf skins and go to nashkel’s store.
The store keeper take the skins and give you 500 Gp each. When you have given
him them all, he can’t hold them and he stands upon them, and you can easily
take them up and give them again.

Hidden comments:
When you add an NPC to your party, repeatedly click on him or her. They will
say things that are either serious or funny. For example, Khalid says Click
on someone your own size. Each NPC says four things, then return to addressing
you normally.

Very good armor at start:
When you first start the game in Candlekeep, look to the right side of the inn.
There are two barrels and a treasure chest located there. Go inside the inn and
get the supplies that you need, then walk outside. Wait a little while. A guard
will walk by. When he is at the first barrel, kill him and you will get his

Unlimited liquor:
If you like going to the taverns and buying drinks to find information for your
journal, you can remove your intoxication by saving and reloading your game, even
after the bartender refuses to give you any more drinks.

Extra time before attack:
If you are resting and are interrupted by an encounter and do not have enough time
to respond, press [Space] to pause game play. When the monsters attack, they will
be stopped (as well as your party) until the game is resumed.

Skip parts of the game:
Start a new game. Enable the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(89000) to level up and equip
yourself with the desired armor and weapons. Do the sub-quests then talk to Gorion.
Go through the scene where he dies. Return to Candlekeep. The man at the gate will
not let you in without a book.
Enable the the Cheats:ExploreArea() and CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() codes and have
your characters go within Candlekeep’s gates, Press {Ctrl} + J to jump in.
You have now skipped the Iron Throne part of the game.

Enable blood and gore:
German and other international versions:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the Baldur.ini file in the
game directory. Add the line Memory Access=100.

Hidden Ring Of Wizardy:
Press L to see current X,Y coordinates for your mouse cursor. Go to x-2546, y-3507
on the Friendly Arms Inn Map to get a Ring of Wizardry which doubles 1st level spells

Combat trick for low level party:
This tactic requires two clerics/druids to be effective. One cleric heads into a zone
you know has a pack of monsters, after casting sanctuary on himself. The monters cannot
harm him, but they all focus on him. Next the Druid drops an entangle on the pack of
monsters. Then the party opens up with missle fire and kills the helpless creatures.
This will not work against enemies that have ranged attacks, but it helped our first
level party kill packs of wolves & spiders with no trouble.

Quick cash or equipment:
When you first start, you have access to magical weapons right at the begining. First
go to the training room. The mage there will summon some allies and monsters. Kill all
the monsters and steal your allies equipment. Export your guy before leaving the room
and then restart. You should get some healing potions a wand of the heavens, wand of
magic missles, +1 shield and some other items.

Algernons cloak:
To get a robe that increases your charisma and will give you a breath weapon that gives
you control of the spells target, go to the inn at bergost where tazok is staying. there
will be a fat man in the room across the hall from him named algernon, or he will be
wandering around. Take imoen up there save the game and pick pocket from algernon,
hopefully her pick pocket is good enough but once you get it, have it identified and
you can recruit any man, beast, critter, or monster good or evil on the spot.

Big Money:
Try this to get some serious spending cash.
In inventory, put a potion in each of your quick item slots. Then, replace one of the
potions with a gem, preferably your most valuable one. Go out to the game, select that
character and you should still see the potion in your quick item slot instead of the
gem. Click quickly and repeatedly on the slot with the bogus potion. Do this for about
2-3 minutes (I’m not sure how long it takes, but I believe that clicking very quickly is
the key) and the go back to your inventory. If the gem no longer has a number by it move
the cursor over it, and it should now show 65,535(FFFF) gems. Depending on the value,
I’ve gotten as much as 12 MILLION gold from the sale of this treasure.

Duplicating items:
This trick will duplicate any item that can be stacked in the inventory. One of the
best uses is to duplicate gems to create an unlimited source of gold. Place a potion
of healing in one of the quick items slots. Open the inventory screen, replace it with
a gem, then immediately return to the game screen. The image of the potion should still
be in that slot, but the gem’s name should appear on the help scroll if the pointer is
left over that slot. Left click on the gem once, wait for the target cursor to disappear
from your character, then left click the gem a second time. After the target cursor
disappears again, return to the inventory screen. The number of gems in that slot should
now be 65352 instead of 1. Do not stack any additional gems in that slot, or the CPU will
reset the total to 20. Note: This trick works with the original release of the game and
may not function in patched versions.
Have a character get the item you want to be duplicate. Save the character that has the
item. Make multi-player game with no one else, just your own computer. Select the first
character slot and import the character that you made. Fill the character slots with that
Make all those characters give that item to the first person. Save the character who has
all the items.

View FMV sequences:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the Baldur.ini file in the game directory.
Add the following lines under the [Movies] section to unlock all FMV sequences in the
Play Movie option.


Unlimited gold Tip I:
Go down to the opening of the mine shaft outside Nashkel Mines. Do not enter the mine.
Stand by the Flaming Fist guard that guards the entrance to the mine, then sleep. Most of
the time a winter wolf will attack and interrupt your rest. The Flaming Fist guard will
attack the wolf before it even gets near you. If you have someone with missile or spear
weapons, they will kill it before it comes down to you. Your party will get all the
experience and a winter wolf pelt. Take the pelts to the Naskel store owner. He will give
you 500 gold pieces. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Unlimited gold Tip II:
Note: If your computer cannot play the multi-player parts of the game, do not use this
trick. Items (Star Sapphire recommended) that cost 500 gp or higher are required for this
trick. When at the main menu, go to Single Player and start a new game. When starting
the game, create a Halfling Thief with a Dexterity of 19. After setting your first abilities,
make Lockpicking 65%. When your character is complete, go into Candlekeep and go upstairs
in the inn. Go to the room closest to you where nobody is sleeping. Do not go to the room
with the noblemen in it. Pick the lock, and peek into the dresser. Get the Star Sapphire
and export that Thief character. Quit the game (either saving or not). At the main menu,
select multi player mode and create a game. Start a new game, and on every slot import the
Thief character. Put the Star Sapphires on the first character and export him or her. Save
the game. Load the game and delete every character except for the first one. Import the
Thief again on every slot and transfer the Star Sapphires on the first character. Export
the first character, save the game, and repeat until his or her inventory is full. Then,
start a new game in multi-player or single player mode. In a multi-player game, you can
create a permanent character, then import the Thief and transfer the Star Sapphires. In
a single player game, you have to play as the Thief. Sell the Star Sapphires to get
320,000 gp per Thief character.

Unlimited gold Tip III:
Talk to the Gatewarden in Candlekeep, the castle that you start at. The Gatewarden asks
you if you want to practice some mass combat. Do so. Go down into the cellar and a wizard
will create some enemy illusions and an illusion party. Go into the illusion party’s
inventory and take all their good items (plate mail, shield +1, wands). Export your
character. If you tell the wizard to teleport back outside, you will lose the items; you
must export your character. Then, start a new game, import the character, and he will have
all the items. Do this as often as needed. You can sell the plate armor for 300 gp.
Identify the the small golden shield before selling to to get about 500 gp.

Get extra gold:
Put a postion on your belt so you can use it quickly. Go to the main game screen to see
it. Then go back to your inventory replace it with a gem of an kind then go back to the
main game screen you should see the postion. Then click on the postion go back to your
inventory and the gem should have no number by it then go back to the main game screen
click on the postion again when you go back to the inventory you should have 65535 or
somewhere around that number number buy the gem. Then go sell the gem and you will get
lots of money.

Summoned Creatures:
Summoned creatures (e.g. skeletons from 'Animate Dead’) can be used to great advantage.
Summon them near an opponent and then run your main characters away until you are no
longer within sight of the battle. The opponents will stop fighting (as they can no
longer see your characters), but your summoned creatures will still fight the enemy
without them lifting a finger to retaliate.

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