Betrayal in Antara

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Betrayal in Antara

cheat Codes:
Press {Ctrl}-{Shift}-Z to bring up a window,
and then type the code of your choice.

Code Effect
Gotta have magic – (Aren learns all the spells)
Why am I so dull – (All character traits are maxed)
Some call me Tim – (Destroys all the enemies on a battle screen)
Ask a Glass of Water – (Teleport Party to Beginning of Chapter)
Man Does My Leg Hurt – (Heal the Party)
Supermarket for the Rich – (Access cache of good items)

Everedge Sword:
Go to Chuno and talk to everybody in town. Then, go to the barkeep
and he will tell you that everyone there has been lying except for
one person. Choose the soldier and you will get an Everedge Sword.

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