Beyond the Tesseract

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Beyond the Tesseract

Cheat Codes:
Hint : Scan everything with the stack.
Need some VERY basic knowledge of science & math.

WalkThru follows ….

Read book.
Put disk in projector slot. Hit projector. Push 4. Read Tomb.
Stop reading.

Break prism into tetrahedron. Read tetrahedron in UV-IR chromatic room.

Eat Z-pills. Sleep.
Prove supposition with postulate -> lemma.
Prove hypothesis with lemma -> theorem. Give theorem to mathematician.

Roll hexagon 4 times. Do the last operation indicated +nnn.
Sum of the 3 numbers generated = probability of getting the improbability.
Get improbability. Drop improbability in the field of absolute certainty.
The field warps to an eastern exit -> integral. Differentiate integral
with the undifferentiable function -> singularity. Put singularity in
groove in the audio device. Wear audio.
_Y_ hexagon -> 4D solid. Melt solid with plasma -> 4D liquid.
_Y_ strip -> klein bottle. Fill klein with liquid. Pour klein in plant.

pop stack all the way back up. Say TESSERACT.

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