Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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Cheat Codes:

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Mentor

MentoryHow to unlock
Android #18 – Complete the Androids Sag Level 34 require
Beerus (Bills) – Complete Goku’s Trainin Level 70 require
Ginyu – Complete the first half of the Freeza Sag Level 15 require
Gohan & Videl – Complete the Buu Sag Level 40 require
Gotenks – Complete the Buu Sag Level 40 require
Kuririn (Krillin) – Complete the first half of the Saiyan Sag
Piccolo – Complete the first half of the Saiyan Sag Level 5 require
Son Goku – Complete the Démigra Sag Level 70 require
Vegeta – Complete the Saiyan Sag Level 8 require

Bardock and Broly Saga:
To unlock the Bardock and Broly Saga, you need to find all five shard
You can do so by following the instructions belo

Defeat Quest 3 in the Demigra Sag
Speak with Recon at Time Squar
Complete Parallel Quest 4
Defeat Goku in Parallel Quest 14, or defeat Ginyu in Goku,s body during Parallel
Quest 1
Complete Parallel Quest 2, or defeat Super Saiyan Goku in Parallel Quest 2

With all of the shards in your possession, talk to Trunks and you will begin the
secret Saga missio

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Money:
Here,s an easy way to get a lot of money very fast in Dragon Ball Xenovers Using
this money cheat you,ll be able to get unlimited cash, as explained belo

-= How to get an unlimited Zeni, = –
It can be done by gathering lots of rare Hercule badge item In turn, the Zeni you
get from selling them at Item Shops can be used to buy things like skills, items,
and clothe

How to make millions of Zeni in Dragon Ball Xenoverse easil
Collect Hercule badges by playing the Parallel Quests, where the Hercule badges
will be items you get at rando , For example: By playing ,Parallel Quest 15:
The Explosion of Namek, over and over for about 1 to 2 hours, you will get around
150 Hercule badge

The higher the Parallel Quest number, the more money you can mak So if you,re a
higher level character, ,Parallel Quest 53: Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest, is
recommended for farming money as well, as you,ll net about 60,000+ Zeni upon each
completio Finish each Parallel Quest at a high ranking to make even more money
as a completion rewar

After you,re done playing Parallel Quests for one or more hours, go visit an Item
Shop to check your winning At Items Shops with the robot cashier/shopkeeper, you,ll
be able to exchange won/found items for Zen So go there and talk to the shopkeeper
to Sell items for loads of cash!

The rarer the Hercule badge the more Zeni it,ll be worth, like the description says:
,Hercule Badge is a popular badge on Eart Exchange this for a lot of Zen, The
Hercule badges of the Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare and Legendary variation are
worth 1,000, 3,000, 8,000, 15,000 and 30,000 Zeni respectivel You can also sell all
the other items you got that you don,t need or think you,ll never us
So for example: After having played the in Step 1 mentioned Parallel Quest 15 for
1-2 hours, your sold items (mostly Hercule Badges) will earn you over 1 MILLION ZENI!

Bardock and Broly Saga:
First, complete the main storylin Then start by completing Quest 3 in the Demigra
Sag Speak with Recon at Time Square, then defeat Goku either in Parallel Quest 14
OR defeat Ginyu in Goku’s body in Parallel Quest 1 Next, complete Parallel Quest 2
OR defeat Super Saiyan Goku in Parallel Quest 2 Then complete Parallel Quest 4
You should have collected five shards at this poin Finally, speak with Trunks to
unlock the secret Bardock and Broly Saga missio

Completing the Bardock and Broly Saga will reward players with the „Close Calls Are
More Exciting!” Trophy/Achievemen

Beerus and Bills:
You can unlock Beerus (the God of Destruction) and Bills if you defeat Goku’s
training (you’ll need to be a Master on level 70 in order to do so

Super Saiyan 4 Goku:
To unlock Super Saiyan 4 Goku, you must complete all of the Parallel Quest

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Super 17 and Omega Shenron:
You can unlock Super Saiyan 4 GOgeta, Super 17, and Omega Shenron (in that order)
by collecting the 7 Dragon Balls and choosing the 8th wis

Demigra Possessed Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu:
To unlock Demigra Possessed Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu, clear the Gathering of the
Great Evil Alliance parallel quest in under 10 minute

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