Endless War 3

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Endless War 3

Submitted by: David K.

Let Them Come to You:
If you rush out into combat you’ll be torn to shreds by both your enemies and your
friends. Take on your opponents one at a time if possible.

Born to Lead:
Using the Q key to activate command mode is vital. When the firefight starts, use
it to direct your allies’ fire against especially tough opponents to take them out.

Submitted by: mike

Take any weapon and make it as your first weapon i like the minigun then take a
good secondary weapon and equip it get in to battle hit 2 then quickly hit R
then 1 you gan combine the weapons.

Submitted by: Adam

Go to options and klick grey ball next save settings it is cheats all guns.

Take Minigun as wep and M 79:
Submitted by: Killaa

If u begin take M 79 and push much times on R, in that time ur pushing on R
Take ur minigun back by pushin 1 ( still push R). If u have minigun, then stop
pushing R. You will get auto-fire bazooka bullets!
Hint: AIm with your cursor entirely to the other side of the game, then the M 79
bullets explode there!

Submitted by: harry witty

Get the flaregun and minigun and when playing, select the flaregun and hold R and
press 1 (still hold R) then release R when the minigun is shown and you have an
unlimited range automatic flamethrower!

Will work with any weapons and email me at

first, choose your weapon.
second, press and hold reload button
third, press the melee button while you are still holding the reload button.
fourth, enjoyy!!
remember, the damage of a bullet is 80 (except the explosives)

Infinity super grenades:
Submitted by: ben

get any gun that has a grenade special for example m4,gahil,groza waste all of the grenade
ammo in the gun then waste 1 bullet ammo clip and reload and then you have infinity grenades

Weapon mix:
Submitted by: qwer

You must choose a red axe and a M79. pick the M79 hold R push 1. now you have a infinite

Submitted by: ILIKADAY

when u get to the bit where u choose weapons choose a kattana for primary weapon and a flair
gun for secondary weapon now start your level shoose the flair gun by pressing 2 then hold r
then press 1 you will see you have a kattana but when you attack you will find you have flair
gun bullets coming out and you have unlimeted ammo with no reloads.

High Cap Gernades:
Submitted by: Reh Dogg JR

Get H&K G36 for main and m79 for secondary, mix weapons by pressing 2 then holding reload,
while holding reload key press 1 then let go of reload key, you will now have a rapid fire,
high capacity grenade launcher! Enjoy the devastation.

Infinite ammo:
Submitted by: michael

go to misson3 of red army kill all but two by exit and die on exit then press ok and say yer
to retry and it will give weapon ? at moment but you will have infinite ammo.

mg grenade:
Submitted by: tyler3

this is like m79/minigun but use rocketlauncher/uzi. start on one and hit r+2. use this
because m79 dosnt go through walls.

Kody do gier

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