F1 Manager 2000

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F1 Manager 2000

Start a new game and enter one of the following names
to activate the cheat function.

Result Code
Activate cheat mode button at
options menu – Win~at~all~COSTS!
Skip races – Billy No Race
Click on money at menu screens
for more – Get Rich Quick
Click on date at menu screens to
advance 7 days – Doctor~Who

Enable the CHEAT button:
Submitted by: Stratos Kseretepoios

A simple way to enable the CHEAT button

1. Go to the folder +++++/Data/Interfaces , where
+++++ is your game installation folder

2. Open the file Options_GENGAME.ids with any text

3. Go to the end of the file and locate the last
BUTTON block

4. Delete the 1 next to the word BUTTON six lines
from the end, save and start your game

5. You’ll find the CHEAT button under the OPTIONS menu

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