Halo: Spartan Strike

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Cheat Codes:

You can equip up to two skulls per missio When a mission is completed with
skulls activated, you will receive a credit bonu Having two skulls equipped
increases the credit bonu

Skulls will handicap you with the following effects:

Hollow : Your Spartan only has a shield for protectio
Pacifist : Your Spartan’s armor and shields deplete when you fire a weapo
Famine : Dropped weapons carry less ammunitio
Black Eye : Your shields only recharge after taking melee attack damag
Thunderstorm : Adds tougher enemie
Blind : Cannot see important HUD elements, including ammo for all weapon

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore point

Welcome to New Mombasa (10 points) : Complete Operation
Homing in (10 points): Complete Operation
Ready for Departure (10 points): Complete Operation
Home Sweet Home (10 points) : Complete Operation
No Loose Ends (10 points) : Complete Operation
I Am Your Shield (5 points) : Keep the Elephant 100% intact in Operation A, Mission
Not a Scratch (5 points): Keep the Wraith 100% intact in Operation B, Mission
Beam Dance (5 points): Complete Operation D, Mission 5 without getting hit by a Focus Turre
Mine Sweeper (5 points) : Do not get hit by any Proximity Mines in Operation E, Mission
Experienced (5 points): Earn your first Gold sta
Battle Hardened (20 points) : Earn all Gold stars in Operations A through
Big Spender (20 points) : Spend 10,000 credits on loadout upgrade
GEN2 (10 points) : Use every Armor Ability at least onc

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