• Ignite – The Race Begins

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    Cheat Codes:

    Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen To view
    your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then „My profile”,
    then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

    AchievementHow to unlock
    Afterburner – Drive a lap with continuously burning nitr
    Antiscratch – Win a Race without crasing into the wal
    (Campaign mode)
    Careerist – Win the Campaign mod (Campaign mode)
    Champion – Win 5 times in a ro (Multiplayer mode)
    Collector – Collect 5000 points during a Rac (Campaign mode)
    Community – Play a Race against 4 human opponent (Multiplayer mode)
    CueBall – Crash into the wall 500 time
    Deficit – Gain 5000 minus points without a break during a Rac
    Demolition Man – Earn 3 „demolition man” title in a ro
    Deviant – Win a Race with hitting all opponent (Campaign mode)
    Dodge lover – Win a Race without hitting any object
    (Campaign mode)
    Drift King – Earn 3 „drift king” title in a ro
    Friendly – Win a Race without hitting any opponent
    (Campaign mode)
    Ice Skater – Collect 4000 points by drifting your ca
    Last Guy – Be the last in the Summary 10 time
    Last Man standing – Win a Knockout even (Campaign mode)
    Master of Destruction – Gain 100 ,demolition man, titl
    Perfectionist – Win at least one Race with all car
    (Campaign mode)
    Professional – Win 5 Races in a ro (Campaign mode)
    Racer – Win a Race even (Campaign mode)
    Recharger – Win a Run Out even (Campaign mode)
    Reversi – Go through the finish line reversed, and win a Rac (Campaign mode)
    Roadblock hunter – Collect 2000 points by hitting the objects without a brea
    Skimpy – Win a Race without using nitr (Campaign mode)
    Social work – Play on all stage (Multiplayer mode)
    Spender – Win a Race with burning all your scor (Campaign mode)
    Spin along – Drift your car through the finish line and win a Rac
    (Campaign mode)
    Spinning wheels – Gain 100 ,drift king, titl
    Thank you for playing – All other achievements unlocke
    True Ignite fan – Win all Gold meda (Campaign mode)

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