Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

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Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

Submitted by: Grimdoc

On the East Road just out of Hobbiton (past the woodsman who trades his dagger for
pipeweed), on the ledge above the stumps that summon the elves is a house. Enter it
and walk up to the bookcase. Press [Action] and a gold coin will appear.
Leave the house and re-enter. Another gold coin will be there. Repeat this to get
as many coins as needed.

Submitted by: brandon

Type in frodorocks at the pause menu and you shall get all weapons of frodo.

In the level Troll Shaws, there is a way to kill trolls easily. When you encounter a
troll, go into first person mode and walk backwards. Go off the road to your left
until you can’t go any farther. You will be in between two rocks. The troll cannot
attack you, but will just walk up to you and spazz out. All you have to do then is
keep shooting arrows into it until it is dead. This works for other enemies in this
level, too.

Bywater: Better Walking stick or ointment:
In the house where you fight bees, outside a hobbit (Fatty) wants you to get him
an egg and honeycomb. Get the Egg. Once you get the medal pin, throw rocks at
beehives to get the honeycomb. Then give them to Fatty and he will give you a
better walking stick or ointment.

Hobbiton: Easy money:
On the East Road just out of Hobbiton (past the woodsman who trades his dagger
for pipeweed), on the ledge above the stumps that summon the elves is a house.
Enter it and walk up to the bookcase. Press A and a gold coin will appear. Leave
the house and re-enter. Another gold coin will be there.
Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.

Hobbiton: Wolves:
When the wolves appear just after leaving Hobbiton, run between the rock and the
tree directly on your left. This is a patch of brambles that the wolves will not
enter. You can safely attack the wolves from this point by positioning yourself
close to the rock facing up on the screen. If done correctly, the rock will
prevent you from stepping forward while you attack. You may have to run out and
back in briefly to lure a wolf over to where you want it, but this is easy enough.

Hobbiton: Escaping from the Riders:
When you are playing as Frodo, you have to go to Maggot’s farm to meet the three
hobbits after giving the key from Lobelia to Mr. Gamgee. Stand at the door where
you began, and face the door at the screen. When a Rider passes, sneak to the
rock next to you. When the Rider passes again, go to your house. You have to cross
the garden. If they hear you, go to the door at your house. Remember, there is more
than one Rider. If they see you, you must surrender the ring and start over. Do not
use the ring when the Riders are near, or they will find you. When you do not see a
ny Riders, run to the fence near the tree house and jump over it. When you are at
Sandyman’s mill, you will see another Rider on the bridge to Bywater. Throw a rock
over the river. If you do, he will move. Cross the bridge and go to a flat plain.
Keep throwing rocks to the places he can move. If done correctly, you can make it
to the Shire. You will see Robbin being attacked by a wolf. His life is not dependent
and you will not fail your task if he dies, but it would be kind.
As you leave Hobbiton, the wolves will appear. To prevent from being seen, use the
ring until you cannot see any wolves. When you made your escape, you will see another
Dark Rider. Like the task before, you can throw rocks so that the Rider can move any
direction. If you do not want to be seen, there is a tree trunk where you can hide.
Be careful; as you throw rocks from the trunk, the shadow still remains.
When he makes his farthest point, you can sneak out of the tree trunk and make your
way to Maggot’s farm.

Amon Hen: Defeating the Ring Wraith:
When you fight the Ring Wraith on the Balrog, there is a tower with steps that you
can walk up. If you stay up there, the Balrog cannot hurt you, except when it takes
flight. When you fight the Ring Wraith on the Balrog, there is a tower with steps
that you can walk up. Climb up it, then use Aragorn’s special stab.
If timed correctly you will kill the dragon.

When playing as Aragorn, you must rescue Sam from the Ring Wraith. To begin the
fight, go up to the Nazgul. He will start blowing green gas at you. Start hitting
him with your sword. After that, he will fly away. At this point, go up to a tower
with steps. The tower will protect you when the Nazgul blows the green gas at you.
Start shooting the Nazgul to kill it.

Amon Hen: Finding Gollum:
Go southwards until you run into a coastline. There is a trail that you can follow.
It will lead you to a place. You will see a cave that is very high up, and will see
Gollum. Go up to the cave and Gollum will make noises and walk away. Note: Gollum
appears in Amon Hen two times. Go north, and there is another trail. It will lead
you to Gollum again. As before, walk up to the cave, and this time Gollum talks.
He will mumble his name out

To pass the 21st hall in Moria, go to the center of the room and push or pull the
four blocks of stone with hands on top of the tiles that you can step on. Once you
put all four on, you will pass that part of Moria.

Moria: Killing the fire monster:
When you are Gandalf, you have to save your party from the fire monster when you
get past Moria. When you begin the fight, you should equip the spell Staff Strike
to Gandalf. When you are going to him, he will shoot fireballs at you. To get to
him, dodge the fireballs. If you get too close, he will blow fire at you. If you
get as close as you can, he will try hitting you with his unblockable fire sword.
Also, it is impossible for you to fall down the abyss. Get close until he keeps
shooting fireballs at you and use Staff Strike. After you use the spell, he will
be stunned. At this point, start hitting him with your sword only for a few seconds.
Then, run back to your team. Keep repeating this to kill it.

Moria: Opening door:
To open the door at Moria, go up to it and press [Action]. It will ask you for
a chant. Pick Melon.

Moria: Correct door at the three-way passageway:
There is a three way passageway. Once you get there, take the passage that is
the farthest to the right to get out of Moria faster.

Withywindle Path: Defeating the willow tree:
To defeat the willow tree that has the three hobbits, go to a flat plain that is
both on your left and right. These are the only two places that the tree’s hand
will not hit. You can safely hit him when his hand is down. Do this if needed,
Tom Bombadil will appear and say his chant, and you will defeated the willow tree.

Moria: Second hall:
When you are playing as Frodo, you must find a way out of the second hall of Moria.
The first part is easy. Go to a thin chasm and jump over it. Do the same thing with
the other chasm and you will see a stone bridge. Once you have crossed over the stone
bridge, kill the Orc that’s shooting down to Gimli. You will see a rock. Press Action
to push the rock on the ground. You will now have to activate bridge switches for
Gimli and yourself to cross over. Remember that Gimli will not always be there when
you need him. To get to the other bridge, climb up the ladder. You will see some Orcs.
You may have to use your ring to avoid them. Climb down another ladder and activate
the bridge switch. Then, go back to where you started, but push the rock to the button
to open the door to leave the second hall of Moria. Note: Make sure you activate all
the bridge switches before you activate the button to the door.
If you do not, you will be trapped by Orcs and cannot escape.

Moria: Finding Gollum:
When you find camp on the second day, Legolas will say that something is following.
The screen will go slowly to a dark figure. That dark figure is Gollum, and you will
hear him talking about his Precious.

Rivendell: Sleep spell:
When playing as Frodo in Rivendell, get to the room where you get sting. You will see
two chests. One will have an Elvish tome. Give it to Gandalf and he will say something.
Then, talk to Elrond. When playing Gandalf after fighting the Wargs, use the tome.
You will get a new spell Sleep. This will put enemies to sleep for a short period of
Note: Make sure you give Gandalf the tome when playing as Frodo or he will not have
it when you are playing as him.

Defeating the Barrow-Wight:
Run up to the top right corner and there will be a chest. Jump onto the ledge it is on
to get the dagger. Then, put the ring on and hit the Barrow-Wight.
It will go underground. Take off the ring, and when it returns, put the ring on and
hit the Barrow-Wight. Frodo will sing Tom Bombadil’s song and you will defeat the Boss.

Unlimited Dwarven and Elven Shots:
When you are at the Prancing Pony Inn and have just defeated the two ruffians who stole
your dagger, go through the open window and climb up the ladder. Once up, you should
notice that the ring is spinning in its slot. Turn to the right and use the ring. You
should see a platform with both an elven and dwarven shot. Collect them and jump back
to the ladder platform. Then, take off the ring and put it back on. You will notice
that the items appear again. Do this as many times as needed to get unlimited elven
and dwarven shots.

Westernesse Dagger:
When you get to the point where you are looking for Merry, Pippin, and Sam in the cave,
you will see a box. Go to it and you will get the dagger.

Wake up Lobelia:
When you have to escape from the Dark Riders in Bywater, throw a rock at the bell
five times. You will see her lights turn on.

Finding the missing metal pin:
To find the missing metal pin, throw a rock at the weather vane (the rooster statue
on top of some houses). If done correctly, you should get the pin and fix the mill.
When completed, your purity meter will rise allowing you more ring uses.

Double arrow attack:
When playing as Aragorn when in first person mode, to launch a double arrow attack
fire once at the target then quickly press [Home] again and press the Right Mouse

No effect from rocks:
In Hobbiton, when a person walks by you or you walk by them, throw a rock at their
head. They will keep walking, as if nothing happened.

Float in the air:
In Bywater, when you finish with the ringing of the warning bell, jump on the bench.
Ring it again and you should float in the air near the warning bell.

Abusing Sam:
When fighting the Willow Tree, move towards Sam and go in between the roots. Hit
him and he will temporarily bounce up, bleed, then fall over. This only works once.

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