Postal 2

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Postal 2

How to activate cheats:
Submitted by: Divyanshu

when u r playing postal2 game – buttons –> right shift+2(underF2)+buttonunder escape(~)
2.type sissy.
3.a message will appearcheats are enabled .hope you are happy type cheats and enjoy game.
5.if you want to disable cheats type sissyagain.

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Saufaus
Update by: BXR na wp
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make
the Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes
then enter any of the following below for goodies…

Code Result
Alamode – God Mode
PackNHeat – Gives player every destructive weapon in the game
PayLoad – Set all current weapons to have lots of ammo
IAmSoLame – Gives all weapons, max ammo and turns you invinivible
PiggyTreats – Gives lots of doughnuts
JewsForJesus – Gives player lots of cash
BoyAndHisDog – Gives player lots of dog treats (yep your dog is very
useful when trained)
Jones – Gives player lots of health pipes
SwimWithFishes – Gives player all radar related items
FireInYourHole – Enables rocket cameras (fun!)
IAmTheOne – Gives player lots of catnip
LotsAPussy – Gives player lots of cats (for use as silencers)
BlockMyAss – Gives player body armor
SmackDatAss – Gives player the gimp suit
IAmTheLaw – Gives player the cop clothes
Healthful – Gives player full health and several (4) medkits
Whatchutalkinbout – Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Gary Colemans
Oasma – Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Fanatacs
RockinCats – Change any guns that can use cats as silencers to have
a cat on them and the cat will shoot off everytime and a new
one will magically appear
DokkinCats – Removes cat repeating guns (turns them back to normal)
IFeelFree – Ghost mode (toggled, enter code again to turn off)
LikeABirdy – Fly mode (toggled, enter code again to turn off)
Fly – Toggle flight mode
Walk – Disable flight and ghost modes
Slowmo – Slow motion mode
slomo 1 – Disable slow motion mode
Headshots – One shot head kills
BoppinCats – Ricocheting cats when shot
SplodinCats – Disable ricocheting cats
NowWeDance – Scissors machine gun
ghost – Toggle ghost mode; fly through walls.

Submitted by: Niloy M. Reza

If you dont want to use one cheat any more.You will have to type that cheat
again and it will be de- activated.

Submitted by: Patricio Bruni

-When you befriend a dog (throwing at him some dog treats) decapitate someone,
and then kick (with Q by default) the head the dog will play fetch with the
head and will take it to you!

-In some alleys, or in dark areas, a guy will sneak up behind you and demanding
all your money! (Personally, i kick him and then i riddle his body with bullets).

-The catnip, if used with you, will get you high (Oooh, the walls are melting!
Groo-vy!) and slow down the surroundings, while you are in normal speed.

-The Smoke pipe will give you 125 health points no matter what was your previous
health. But watch it, it will cause you addiction, so if you don’t smoke another
one when the heart next to the health display gets really big, and P. Dude starts
complaining and saying something like S**t, i know that stuff wasn’t good for me,
you will lose a bunch of Health Points; not a pretty sight if you are in the middle
of a gunfight.

-Using the Dog treats on you will give you only 1 HP and you will hear P. Dude
coughing and vomiting in a [sadistic] funny way.

-If you finish the game on average, the enhanced mode will appear at the main
menu. This mode will make you start with a Police Uniform (This is gonna be
sweeeeet!), and will give some more firepower to some guns (for example, the
secondary attack of the police baton may blow some heads, and when you piss,
with R, then mouse left click by default, you will be piss gasoline that then
burns out! You will piss NAPALM!). Note that there is a bug that makes the
conditions to get the Enhanced mode; personally, I think that you need to finish
the game on average, but some people still have some problems.

-On tuesday, the clipboard (one of the missions) will replace the empty hands.

-If you have the 1337 patch, there is a tunnel hidden in some bushes behind
your, erm… house. This leads to the Tora-Bora, a secret underground
laboratory where fanatics designs the chemical weapons. If you made it through
ALL the stage, you will get the WMD, a rocket launcher that releases a powerful
virus that will leave them all crawling and coughing.

-On the 1337 patch, there are THREE, instead of two expansion chips of the
Bass Sniffers: The Police Chip, the gun Chip, and the Chompy game! This game,
while using it, will give the position of all the people in the radius of the
radar, and lets you play a game for 10 seconds: With WASD keys, you will move
through the radar a big red fish, you have to eat the other fishes (snake,
anyone?) and when you eat one, the person that is represented by the fish will
be eaten by the icon! It’s very hard to find one of these chips, and if you
find them, consider yourself lucky. By the way, you are invincible while you
are playing Chompy.

-There is a glitch on the chompy game: If you get arrested while you are playing
Chompy, you will be invincible until you play Chompy again.

Enhanced mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Enhanced Mode option, which allows
powered-up weapons and more items.

Go to the Visitor’s Bureau between the Asylum and the Jail. Knock down one of
the pieces of fence surrounding the building. Walk or jump onto it. Then, in the
direction you would like to move, kick the ground. Kicking the ground (in that
direction) moves the fence toward the area ahead of you. Because you are standing
on it, you are also moving with it. This can be difficult to do at first.

Rocket launcher:
To get the rocket-launcher on Tuesday, you must have catnip when you go to the
church to confess your sins. When you get to the courtyard where there are five
fanatics, use the catnip. Then, quickly run up to the rocket fanatic and kill
him. As he is dying, he will drop the rocket launcher, and you should be able
to pick it up when it is in mid-air.

———- Codes functions found in game.. not fully documented ————-

For testing, set this unique errand complete
Turns on hate-player-groups too

exec function SetThisErrandComplete(String UniqueName)

For testing, set all of the specified day’s errands as complete
Turns on hate-player-groups too

function SetThisDaysErrandsComplete(int DayI)

For testing, set all of today’s errands as complete
Turns on hate-player-groups too


For testing, reset all the errands and make hate groups not hate you anymore

May not work for 'write-in’ errands!


For testing, set all errands as complete
Turns on hate-player-groups too–Apocalypse!


For testing, set the day you want to warp to. All errands before that day
will be completed, along with anything you’re supposed to retain

SetDay(int day)

For testing, set the day you want to test and the current level will be
reloaded for that day.

WarpToDay(int day)

For testing, go to the specified map. This should ALWAYS be used instead
of unreal’s built-in open command.

Goto(String LevelName)

Change player to opposite of his current morality


For testing, reset cops so you aren’t wanted any more



Bazooka and Bombs:
Submitted by: Snake
Email :

Go to the Lucky Ganesh store, and go to the Employes only room. You will find some
wood fence step on it and you will fall, when you get there just walk you will see
some indestructible dogs, they won’t attack you if you don’t atack then, there is a
tunel down there, and there will be bazooka, and when you fall down just go right and
you will see some bobms. Have fun.

Kody do gier

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