Skidpan Scramble

Skidpan Scramble

Submitted by: David K.

* Try to avoid getting caught in corners, for it is hard to get out of
them without acquiring much damage.

* Watch for when they crash into each other. This can sometimes open a
hole in which to get to the money more efficiently.

* A quick turnaround in the right scenario can really help. Often the
police cars tend to take a long time turning around.

* Good acceleration is a must. It is much easier to escape out of being
hit repeatedly with good acceleration (case in point, do not pick the
green car).

* When the money gets behind your car, if you can steer it good, just
back up, instead of turning around. It is faster, and the cops never
take the time to back up so they have to turn around, giving you more

* If you do quick turns for no reason, the cops will turn the same way
but not as quickly, so it usually makes a gap.

* Take your time! Instead of rushing to get every single money right
away, try looping around the outside and letting the police bunch
together and crash. If the money is on the inside, wait until the
police bunch and crash then find an opening and go through.