• Star Glider 1

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    Star Glider 1

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: conner54

    Cheat Mode:
    Slow down your ship completely, and press F1 for fixed sights.
    Press BACKSPACE to pause the game and type js arg s.
    You should now be invincible, and your fuel and shields
    will never deplete. Press P for more missles.

    To enter the secret object viewer, press z.
    Then press p to pause. Select [, and .] and manipulate
    objects. You can use all keys but q and ESC.
    Use the mouse to change point of view, or magnification with right
    mouse button.

    Object viewer:
    Enable cheat mode, then press Z during game play. Press P to pause and
    press [Left Bracket] and [Right Bracket] to change the objects. Press
    any key except Q and [Esc] for different effects. Move the mouse to
    change the camera angle and the Right Mouse Button to adjust the zoom.

    Alternate cheat mode:
    Start the game with the sglider and make it snappy command line. Then,
    press one of the following keys during game play to activate the
    corresponding cheat function.

    Effect Keys
    Level skip – [F1]
    Full energy – [F2]
    Full fuel – [F3]
    Add missiles – [F4]

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