• Supreme Ruler – Cold War

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    Cheat Codes:

    -=These cheats only work in single player mode=-
    In game press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+S to bring up the game settings men Enter
    cheats onto the dialogue box of that windo First, type „cheat allowcheats”
    (no quotation marks) and press [Enter] to enable cheat

    Code Effect
    cheat allowcheats – Enables Cheat
    cheat allunit – Allows you to build any unit, even if you haven’t researched i
    cheat breakground – Instant contruction of facilitie
    cheat e=mc2 – Causes research to be completed in one da
    Espionage succes rates increase as wel
    cheat endday – Prevents the computer from doing some daily calculations (such as „spotting” Using this cheat will increase game spee
    cheat georgew – Adds $10 billion to treasur
    cheat instantwin – Makes you instantly win the gam
    cheat nomove – Prevents units from movin
    cheat onedaybuild – All units set to be constructed will be completed the next da However, this also applies to the AI and can
    slow down the gam
    cheat saddam – Random AI country will declare war on another random AI countr
    cheat saddme – Random AI country will declare war on the playe
    cheat shelovesme – Increases your country’s relationship with the UN to max leve
    cheat shelovesmenot – Decreases your country’s relationship with the UN to minimum leve

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