• Blaze and Blade – Eternal Quest – Platform: Playstation 1

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    Hidden Room in Ancient Ruins:
    To find the hidden room, go to the pit near the beginning of
    the level. Stand at its edge and press R1 + R2. A piece of
    ground will materialize. Jump on to it, and you will see a
    number of pillars. Go either right or left and jump between
    the pillars to find the secret room.

    Duplicate Item:
    First go to object untity at the start menu. Next, select
    auction and load two or four of your characters and then
    choose the item you want to sell. when you sell to the other
    character then save it.

    Note: Don’t save to your character who lose its item and
    click this L1+L2+R1+R2+select+start. And you go back at
    the start menu. when you begin the game you will have the
    same item as the owener of your character.

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