• Warlock 2: The Exiled

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    Cheat Codes:

    Play this game once they get to know the basic or simple, and play just one week,
    casual, inappropriate forgive m

    The city as much as possible out of a resource, efficient use of tw
    critical moment hesitate demolished buildings made anothe
    built city radius 2 grid resources considering the numbe
    Magic have nothing to what the terrain changed to ensure that 20% Bonu
    souls really do not have food, even if there are non-undead units
    Egg plus 40 resources is to force Oh, but only a portion of the red dragon race, so nothing to look at the tech tree to understand the resource requirements
    of rac
    Soul regarded as the most powerful magic, monsters and basically had no resistanc
    magic to create the appearance of a powerful artifact is a hero turning point, attention plus flight attribut
    leads the monster lair, took the opportunity to steal can go without Sik
    1the gods only consider 2-3, had to be adjacent t
    1when fighting other mages and only need to be able to attack the main city of the
    victory of th
    1Big Map is the main city of the restrictions off of it, or else the city 15 Shop
    no more than o
    1late ordinary heroes do not hesitate to qui

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